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Category: Swinging Couples Sexstories

A Fantasy, From Heaven To Hell

22 April, 2019 (00:02) | Swinging Couples Sexstories | By: admin11

by Dave Dee (address withheld)


A fantasy becomes a reality, but when a husband gets
his wish, there is a twist. (MF-cpls, swingers,



Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Dave now in
the twilight of my years but still reasonably fit and
healthy with an active imagination that can run wild
occasionally. Sadly I was born before the sexual
revolution and so have led a rather straight laced
existence, sexually speaking. Currently and hopefully
forever I am in a loving relationship with my partner
Sally. We have been together for some time now, and
the honeymoon period is well and truly over, but we
still lead an active warm and loving sex life if a
little bit stayed at times, and definitely nothing

Back to my imagination I would never, nor could I ever
contemplated an affair, I love Sally and would not
wish to either hurt her. Saying that though, my
imagination is forever seeking some form of sexual
adventurism. Sally is not a prude by any means, but
for example she will not even sunbathe topless in our
back garden, which isn’t overlooked by any of the
neighbors, just recently though on a weekend away I
persuaded her to read an erotic short story with me
when we went to bed, and my god was the sex great

Life is hard, full of the same old mundane work
routines, stresses and pressures of everyday living
occasionally interspaced with the excitement and
pleasure brought about by my over active imagination.… Finish this Sexstory click here

A Christmas Present

22 April, 2019 (00:01) | Swinging Couples Sexstories | By: admin11

by JSR (


A Christmas present is given to a friend. (MF, cpls,
oral, swingers, xmas, preg?)


I work the evening shift, so I do not see much that goes
on in our neighborhood. Last Wednesday, when I got home
from work, Sally, my wife, said, “We have to go see how
the neighbors have decorated for Christmas.”

I changed my clothes and we started walking the
neighborhood. Some had lights on timers, and they had
shut down for the night, but on the next block, our
friends Jenny and Tom still had their lights on, and
they were standing on their front porch.

Sally and I looked at the lights and went up to the
porch to talk to them for a minute or two. Tom hugged
Sally, and Jen came over to hug me. As she hugged me for
some reason, I kissed her on the cheek. It was a first,
as I had never done that to anyone else, except Sally.
Nothing was said by anyone, and we talked for a while,
then continued on around the block and back to home.
Once at home, we went to bed.

On Saturday morning, I got up about 10 AM as usual.
After breakfast, Sally said, “Why don’t you take a walk?
It’s such a nice day, while I clean the house.” I
thought that sounded good, so I put my shoes on and went

Once outside, I decided to walk toward the store, and
maybe do a little Christmas shopping for Sally.… Finish this Sexstory click here

A Birthday to Remember

21 April, 2019 (23:44) | Swinging Couples Sexstories | By: admin11

by Young Writer (no address provided)


The best birthday gift a guy can get. (MMF, swingers,
oral, anal)


It was my 19th birthday, my girlfriend Ashleigh had
turned up early to help me with preparations before my
group of friends showed up for the party, however,
this never happened.

7.30 pm and the doorbell rang, it was mine and
Ashleigh’s friend Rebecca wearing a tight red corset
which showed off her luscious breasts, I offered her a
glass of champagne and me and her finished off the
bottle between us as Ashleigh doesn’t drink.

An hour later not expecting anyone else to turn up we
ordered a Chinese and got down to the nights
entertainment, it started with a game of singstar then
after a bit more drink we started playing twister, I
spun the wheel, right hand red, Rebecca slid her hand
to the right, mine also landed on red, a few turns
later she was on all fours with me behind her, her ass
right in front of my face, the sight of her bent over
turned me on and my cock grew hard. “What’s that

I noticed Ashleigh staring and pointing at my erect
cock, Rebecca fell on purpose to see what was going
on, both girls stared and I blushed in embarrassment.

“Think someone is horny,” giggled Rebecca as she gave
Ashleigh a wink then pleaded with her to rub my cock.

Ashleigh stared at her for a minute then grabbed her
neck, “His cock is mine!”

Very turned on by her neck being grabbed Rebecca threw
my girlfriend to the floor and started kissing her
neck, Ashleigh moaned loudly as her neck was being
caressed with soft kisses, then shoved her tongue in
Rebecca’s mouth, my cock grew even harder watching the
two girls make out, I couldn’t contain it any longer,
I ripped off my jeans to reveal my throbbing 9inch
cock, the two girls looked at each other and instantly
poked out their tongues and ran them up and down the
shaft till pre cum dripped on their tongues, Rebecca
pulled Ashleigh’s hair and guided her mouth towards my
dick.… Finish this Sexstory click here

A B C – A Swinging Couples Sexstory

21 April, 2019 (23:37) | Swinging Couples Sexstories | By: admin11

by Tony Tiger



An unexpected adventure at a conference. (MMF, wife-
sharing, swingers)


I’d just checked into my room at the mountaintop resort
where the conference was being held. As I pulled back
the curtains to enjoy the view, a man on the next
balcony waved to get my attention. When I opened the
window he explained that they were locked out of their
room. I called the front desk and the clerk laughed,
“Happens all the time.” The desk clerk and I opened the
sliding door for the couple who were lightly dressed for
the cool day.

I was offered a glass of wine, which turned into two,
and cheese and crackers. They were taking a getaway
night because the husband, Adrian, was an engineer about
to go into a very busy project. Brenda, his wife was the
mother of two teenagers which put them somewhere around
forty. We visited for an hour until it was time for my
opening reception and their dinner.

As we walked back through the room I noticed that one of
the beds was very much “slept in”. Considering that I
rescued them about an hour after check in, it appeared
that they hadn’t delay enjoying the amenities. As I
left, Brenda gave me a warm hug and asked me to knock on
their door when I returned to my room so she could
“thank me properly”. Hmmmm…

A couple of hours later my knock was answered by Adrian
in a robe.… Finish this Sexstory click here